Whenever you obtain a brand new hosting account, your monthly payment is processed, the account is created and as automatic as the entire process may seem, there are always small things that are conducted manually. For your virtual or a dedicated server there are even more tasks to be done as these forms of hosting usually need a manual assembly, software installation and configuration, testing the server setting in order to ensure that all things are working fine, etc. To pay for the cost for the time and efforts all these duties take, many companies require a one-time set-up cost to be paid by their clients in addition to the price for the shared hosting. The charge typically applies to every new web hosting account being acquired and it is rarely given on the company’s web site, still it appears on your checkout page.

Setup Fee in Shared Hosting

If you acquire a shared hosting plan through our company, you will not ever be required to pay any kind of setup fees. For that matter, we don't have other obscured charges of any type too. We appreciate every single client and it's our concept that if you obtain any plan through us, you should not pay anything more than the charge for the hosting package. You won't find any hidden charges before or after your purchase, which will show you that we're a dependable and loyal provider. The price of a shared hosting package is the same everywhere on our website - the main page, the order and payment pages. As we also provide instant account activation, you will not need to wait for hours or even days in order to begin building your web site.

Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated server plans don't have any setup charges, so if you get a new account, your total fee for the first month will be the very same for the future renewals. As it takes us several minutes to set up and activate a new semi-dedicated account, we believe that it would not be right to charge you something for that. You'll see the exact same amount on the front page, on your payment page and also on your bank or PayPal statement and you will never have to pay any sort of additional fees. If you have an ordinary shared website hosting account with our company and you want a more powerful solution, we will even move all of your data to the new semi-dedicated account without cost.