A domain name reseller account is an excellent addition to a virtual or a dedicated server ordered with the plan to launch a hosting company on your own. This enables you to supply domain names and web hosting packages, i.e. all that clients would need in order to start their world-wide web presence. Most billing platforms for resellers come with the option to add a domain name reseller account with a few clicks or by using a plug-in, so that the entire process is automated - from the order procedure on your site, to the domain and website hosting account activation. When you have a domain reseller account, your company will be more appealing to potential clients and you'll have additional control over the websites they register, so that you will be able to respond to support requests more efficiently and a lot faster. Furthermore, a domain name costs less if it is obtained using a reseller account with a registrar company, so that you'll be able to offer more affordable prices to all your customers.